Crazy U

Title: Crazy U: One Dad's Crash Course in Getting His Kid Into College

Authors: Andrew Ferguson

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Type: Non Fiction

Released: March 1, 2011

Length: 240 pages

Author Andrew Ferguson chronicles his journey leading his son through the college admissions process in his book Crazy U: One Dad's Crash Course in Getting His Kid Into College. Along the way, Ferguson examines the curious characters and processes that many parents encounter when their kids start preparing for college, including a visit with an expensive "private college consultant," countless campus tours, evaluating tuition costs, and ultimately, the long and painful wait for the admissions envelope to arrive in the mailbox. Ferguson shares tips from his journey (like No. 36: "Don't apply for financial aid after midnight"), and attempts to answer the eternal question in higher education: Why does it all cost so much?

About the author

Matt Berger is the former Digital Director at Marketplace.


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