AZ immigration law may be too hard


Steve Chiotakis: Arizona lawmakers aren't waiting for the federal government to tackle immigration reform. A bill that's likely to pass in the state legislature would take a hard line with illegal immigrants. Some say it goes too far. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler has more.

Jeff Tyler: Under the proposal, undocumented immigrants could be arrested under beefed-up trespassing laws. And working as a day-laborer would be a crime.

Russell Pearce: We make it a misdemeanor for anybody to solicit employment.

That's Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce, who sponsored the bill:

Pearce: It will be the toughest enforcement bill in the nation.

Maybe too tough. Some critics of the bill foresee lawsuits related to racial profiling. And the bill would allow anyone to sue local agencies for failing to enforce immigration laws.

That could be expensive, says Mike Fraizer, a board member of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police:

Mike Fraizer: If found guilty, let's say, and it's been several months and you're being fined anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 a day, a fine like that could almost put some governmental entities out of business.

Frazier also worries that rounding up undocumented immigrants will pose a burden for smaller police forces, potentially slowing response times for 911 emergencies.

I'm Jeff Tyler for Marketplace.

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Jeff Tyler is a reporter for Marketplace’s Los Angeles bureau, where he reports on issues related to immigration and Latin America.
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It's funny how so many people say it's racial profiling when indeed it's not. The bill says nothing about pinpointing Mexicans, African Americans, Chinese, or even whites. The bill says ILLEGALS, there just so happens to be the most problems with Mexicans. There is a bigger problem with Mexicans then any other race. Would you like to know why? 1) Instead of adopting our culture, they push theirs.
2) Most don't even bother learning to speak English and the last I remember, it's suppose to be our national language.
3) We have dumbed down our school systems for them so much that 59% of Hispanics that go to college, drop out because they don't know how to do the work.

The list goes on and on but you can do your own research. I am not racist, I just point out proven FACTS. I say, if they don't want to be part of out country and adopt our ways and learn to speak freaking English, get their ass out of hear!

Wow ya lets just use all my tax dollars and use it to get nothing but illegals off the street and let all the other harden criminals run free. Im putting my foot down saying enough is enough! WTF im not just going to sit aroun and let some cracked out child molester or some drunk or whatever, to run the streets and kill innocent victims. ya we need to get a control on this problem but at the expense of letting all these other wackos out, yea right! i hope they pass so they can get taken to court and have it thrown out for being unconstitutional so then i can laugh in pearces face! its racial profiling people and you know it! i hope they pull me over so i can slap them with a law suit and have some money in my pocket for racialy profiling me!

Native born Americans are 47% of farm labor.
* Maids and housekeepers: 55 percent native-born
* Taxi drivers and chauffeurs: 58 percent native-born
* Butchers and meat processors: 63 percent native-born
* Grounds maintenance workers: 65 percent native-born
* Construction laborers: 65 percent native-born
* Porters, bellhops, and concierges: 71 percent native-born
* Janitors: 75 percent native-born

There are NO JOBS that Americans won't do.

Law too hard on illegal aliens? Give me a break! I live in California, ground zero and the welfare state for illegal aliens. According to Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, member of the State Budget Committee, it costs my state $10.5 BIllion a year to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are tax consumers. The don't pay income taxes and if they do, they report such low wages that they get a tax return. California has a deficit of $20 Billion, report by Gov. Schwarzenegger. I am on a fixed income. If California succeeds in raising property taxes, I could lose my home. Isn't that unfair to law abiding American citizens? Is there anybody out there with a bleeding heart for us?

That's the problem with our government, any hard decisions are impossible to make for them. Seal our borders, stop the H1b program, promote fair trade not free trade now or you will all lose your high paying jobs!!!

If police are going to use racial profiling, how about we use it for everything. White people are the main consumers of drugs in the United States. Police should stop any white person that is driving a car and inspect him for drugs. We'll stop hispanics to see if their legal and we will stop white people to see if their drug addicts.

You dont know half of what you say. For all those racist people that comment. What will happen when all the mexicans leave. who will you blame next for your laziness the chines. I dont have a job because of the chinese. There are plenty of jobs inb the fields picking grapes. why dont you go there. oh thats right that job is too hard and pays too little. why dont you be a janitor. Oh that jobs too nasty. You got to stop being so lazy and stop blaming everyone for your problems.

I'm fed up with Democrats and Republicans that, over the last 24 years, have allowed and even encouraged the invasion and occupation of my country by lawbreaking illegal aliens. That would include the Presidents, Senators and Representatives driven by greed or incompetence. Our state will stand up for Arizonans against criminal interlopers and if it costs me - so be it! These criminals have shot my neighborhood patrolman 4 blocks from my front door. They have stolen from my home. They have stolen jobs from my friends and neighbors. They have stolen jobs from my kin going to college, they have stolen jobs from my grandchildren, denying them the entry level jobs that teach a strong work ethic. Illegal aliens are lawbreaking international trash that disrespect our laws, culture and people. Let's make them felons by local law and rid ourselves of this pestilence.

P.S. My wife was Cherokee, nieces and great granddaughter half Latino, nieces and nephews half black, grandkids half Blackfoot. Don't even think about racial profiling. Illegal is illegal.

"AZ immigration law may be too hard"

Ok, what would you suggest to free this Country of the illegal aliens?

Illegal aliens are destroying this Country, and one would have to be almost blind not to see this. How much longer do we have to support these illegal aliens? How much longer do we have to school their illegal alien children? How much longer are we going to let them have our jobs? How much longer are we going to put up with all the crime, stolen identities, forged documents, fake green cards? How much longer are we going to allow these illegal aliens to send money out of this Country and bring our Country down? Oh, amnesty will correct all this. WRONG! Nothing will change except we wouldn't be able to call them illegal aliens any more. Let's get rid of these illegal aliens! Let's get them back to their own Country where they belong!

SO, what do you suggest to free this country of the illegal aliens? I'm listening.

Anybody besides me ever notice that most articles written about immigration are written from the Lefts perspective---and most comments following the article are diametrically opposed to the author's point of view?

Just wondering.


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