A move to simplify the FAFSA

Lawmakers want to knock the 108-question student aid form down to two questions.


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Quiz: Women win the diploma race

Women earn more degrees than men at most levels of education.

The fight over 529s is more important than you think

Everything you need to know about Obama's latest budget battle.

Quiz: Universities take a pass on sexual-assault survey

More than half the members in The Association of American Universities will not participate in its national survey on campus sexual assault.

Quiz: States pick up the tab for preschool

All but six states funded local pre-K programs in 2014-2015.

Quiz: Booming bachelors

Nearly a third of Americans older than 24 have at least a bachelor’s degree, up from 28 percent a decade ago.

Quiz: New majority in public-school classrooms

More than half of children in public schools come from low-income families.

Quiz: Not as ready as they think they are

Employers say recent college grads overestimate how prepared they are for jobs, according to a survey.