Over the next year, we will explore the expanding role of technology in education; how the digital revolution is transforming teaching, learning and the business of the classroom, for better and for worse.

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ENGAGE: What’s vital, what’s viral, and what’s on your mind

Student and faculty attitudes towards online learning

A study shows how much (or little) students and professors value face time.

Foxconn's newest product: a college degree

Foxconn has established an in-house university in efforts to retain workers.

Back-to-school sticker shock

Many parents are about to get stuck with a bigger check for school supplies. Again

How to hire more effective principals

A study suggests school districts don't put enough effort into the hiring process.

The rising private cost of public school

Parents should prepare to open their wallets a little wider this year.

Midwestern colleges have fewer local kids to tap

Demographic shifts mean there are fewer high school grads available for colleges.

The importance of graduating on time​

Students who do are more likely to continue their educations or get jobs.