Lots of questions, answers surround end-of-life care

Dr. J. Andrew Billings and his wife Dr. Susan Block at their home in Cambridge, Mass.

As part of a collaboration between Marketplace and The New York Times, Marketplace's Dan Gorenstein reported a story on end of life care for doctors, and how it is different than end of life care for the rest of the population.

In his reporting, Dan witnessed some incredible insights into care options and procedures for those at the end of life. And he has been asked tons of questions about his reporting and the U.S. health care system.

Dan mioderated a one-hour Twitter live chat on Wednesday, November 20, chatting with doctors, nurses and others involved in the field. Read some of the conversation below:

About the author

Dan Gorenstein is the senior reporter for Marketplace’s Health Desk. You can follow him on Twitter @dmgorenstein.
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I listened to this story last night as I drove to my job as a registered nurse in the ICU. Dan Gorenstein, you did a great job but I sure hope you don't stop with doctors- ASK NURSES- how they hope their end of life care will go, what they wish and do for their families. Please PLEASE get America talking about this! So many people say they "want everything done" but in the end it often makes precious little difference and "everything" is painful, not on your timing or terms, "everything" is costly, "everything" can drag on and on, "everything" can debilitate an entire family.
As a nurse, I want my patients to get the end they and their family desire, regardless of my own opinion, regardless of whether they want "everything" or have different plans. But oh woe to those who have made no plans, discussed nothing with family or friends. I have seen patients become victims of defensive medicine, no one "saved", or "cured", just procedure after futile procedure. Please please get America talking about the limits to what medicine can do, and their right to say "No thanks".

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