Romney's wife drives 'a couple of Cadillacs'

In a speech in Detroit today, Mitt Romney said his wife drove 'a couple of Cadillacs.'

This final note today, in which we say to Mitt Romney's campaign advisers: We feel your pain.

I don't know that you can campaign for president without saying anything, but you have to believe they're wishing it were an option. First, there was that $10,000 bet with Rick Perry in that debate a couple of months ago.

Then today, in a speech in Detroit, this: Romney was extolling the virtues of the American automobile industry, he said he drives a Mustang and a Dodge pickup.

His wife Ann drives Cadillacs. Two of 'em.

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A few things:

1) He said in his statements that he drives a Chevy truck, but used to own a Dodge.

2) Having two Cadillac SRXs is not a big deal. They retail from approximately $35k to about $45k-50k. While that seems like a lot of money, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid starts at $38k, and it doesn't seem like a bourgeois vehicle. I'm sure if Ann drove two of those, this would not be a story.

3) Quick counterpoint - I am a single twentysomething male who owns two cars as well. A Subaru station wagon and a Porsche. While you would think "Oooo, he has a Porsche, he must be rich" or "oooo, he has two cars, he must be wealthy", my cars are 15 and 25 years old respectively and both are 100% worthless.

If anything, this story is less about usable information and more about the somewhat absurd knee jerk reactions we have to branding. Perhaps you can expand on the narrative of "What's in a Brand?" in later episodes.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times the Romney's own cars with a cost of close to $200,000. Ann has three Cadillac SRXs; one for each house they own in California, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

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