Who's responsible at HP?

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SCOTT JAGOW: It's clearly gonna take a while to sort out what happened at Hewlett-Packard. Who's responsible, whether other companies are spying on their board members or journalists.

Yesterday, HP's current and former leaders went before Congress to tell their side of the story. Ex-chairwoman Patricia Dunn had this to say:

PATRICIA DUNN: I think that the privacy of individuals needs to be protected with crystal clear laws. I also believe that companies like Hewlett-Packard need to have a place where they can go to have investigations that are necessary to protect shareholder interests accomplished within sanctioned safe harbors.

Dunn took no personal responsibility for private investigators using fake identities to get people's phone records, but Congress and others want somebody to be culpable.

Yesterday, Verizon sued 20 data brokers who were hired by HP. Verizon said the brokers used fraud, trickery and deceit to get information from the phone company.


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