The AT&T store, explained

From reporter Sally Herships, in her morning memo today....

When I go through a break up, personally, I drown my sorrows in ice cream, but I guess AT&T is more health conscious. In what seems like a pretty clear move to make the brand feel better about itself (in a healthy non-fat-calorie-loading way) after losing out on an exclusive agreement with Apple, AT&T is opening its first flagship store.

Like a sad suddenly single, AT&T is realizing that most consumers are already in committed relationships with other wireless companies and it’s gonna have to work it to attract new customer love. But my question is this -- when you think of AT& T,what do you think of? Not much, right? Exactly.

So how is AT&T going to define itself in  a brand-tangible-look-feel-touch kind of way. I mean, what is AT&T?

The new store will include an 18-foot wall of video screens and an app lounge where people can use 55-inch monitors to test apps for Apple products or for Google Inc.’s Android system. The shop’s open layout has a series of “boutiques” where customers can see demonstrations on how to prepare for the Chicago Marathon or examine the texting safety features on a Nissan Leaf. Not sure that answers my question...

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