Weekly Wrap: Does Jamie Dimon deserve a raise?

JPMorgan Chase & Co Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon.

JPMorgan Chase has been in the news a lot recently, for it's fines and legal settlements. Today the bank made headlines when the board of directors approved a 74 percent pay raise for CEO Jamie Dimon. The bank announced on Friday that Dimon's total pay package for this year was $20 million.

"Look at it this way. This board has stood behind Jamie Dimon over-and-over again, if you remember when there was pressure for him to split the chairman and CEO roles," says Leigh Gallagher from Fortune Magazine. "The company is doing very well. And this is what happens when companies do well. Their CEO's get rewarded."

But, if you remember, Dimon faced a pay cut last year after criticism of his management following massive trading losses in the so-called 'London Whale' affiar.

"Here's the big problem with his big raise: It makes a mockery of his pay cut last year. Because he just gets it all back," adds John Carney from CNBC. "This is a terrible lesson for CEOs everywhere. It's like, 'Okay, we'll pretend to punish you one year, and so really all you got was a delay in your extra $10 million."

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c'mon Kai... you didn't break the stock market. it was bound to happen. pressure on QE"whatever" ending. real unemployment is still high, so buying power is a fake out by new credit. obamacare costing more than expected because not enough young folks signing up. banks using accounting tricks to show profits instead of real loses. trust me, you didn't break it...

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