Velveeta shortage?!?

In this photo illustration, Velveeta cheese is shown on January 8, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. Kraft Foods, the maker of Velveeta, says there is a shortage of the cheese product in some areas.

Don't look now people, but we're runnin' out of Velveeta. So says Kraft, pointing to high demand and a busy dip season. 

But... Really?

Venessa Wong for Bloomberg is on the story. She says that this isn't the first time scarcity has raised fear in the fans of foods.

"It's not unusual for us to hear about shortages around Super Bowl season. Last year for example there was "wingpocalypse," there weren't going to be enough chicken wings to fuel our Super Bowl parties. In 2009 grocers were worried they wouldn't have enough avocados for guacamole. But it ended up being totallyfine. I don't think Kraft is upset that everyone is considering going out and stocking up on Velveeta before it's too late."

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it probably is an ad scam. Velveeta was long the butt of jokes about Chico, CA (where micro-brew Sierra Nevada started) by long-time venerable S.F. Chronicle columnist herb Caen (who reportedly coined the term "hippie"). I sense a link between Velveeta and the arcane margerine-coloring codes that were once enforced in Wisconsin ("America's Dairyland").

"KRAFTY" CHEESEY MARKETING TIMING, Just in Time (JIT) for the NFL Playoffs and the Superbowl. The "Mad Men" would be proud.
We wonder if they are to also have a Velveeta Superbowl Commercial this year.

Velveeta isn't food. I would call this "plastic shortage"

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