Plenty of jobs, lazy Americans just don't want them

Some people look at our 8.1 percent unemployment rate and say, there aren't enough jobs out there. But others say there are plenty, Americans just aren't willing to do them. One of those people is John Stossel, host of "Stossel" on the Fox Business Network.

Stossel did a Fox News special called "Out of Work," where he argues that there are plenty of jobs in the United States, Americans aren't willing to take them. He points the blame on a more-than-generous government safety net.

"We've taught people that in some cases it's easier to be dependent, and you're a sucker if you pound the pavement and work at one of those tough minimum wage jobs," he told host Jeremy Hobson.

Listen to the interview above to hear from Stossel about why he thinks both the "help wanted index" and the unemployment numbers are higher than ever now.

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Jeremy Hobson is host of Marketplace Morning Report, where he looks at business news from a global perspective to prepare listeners for the day ahead.
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Righteousness is always its own reward.

There are some who lose their motivation or effectively choose to linger in unemployment, and many who don't. Either way, it's harder for those out of work for awhile (especially the less skilled), to get back in these days, and not all of those millions are going to be business-oriented. That's where much of the effort needs to go: Getting the longer term unemployed into job programs that enable them to rebuild their resumé, while preserving whatever is left of their dignity. Then THEY can contribute to economic recovery.

@jackiero: Your mother is likely suffering from depression and possibly other psychological disorders. The mere fact that she hasn't been able to practice what she preached as she raised you is evidence enough. Unfortunately, getting good help is difficult and probably not covered sufficiently by her insurance. Mental health care in the US is generally abysmal. It's not an excuse for her, but it is factual for you and will maybe help you and your brother better understand what is going on and perhaps enable you to get her the help that she needs. Unfortunately, step one will be to try and get her to understand and accept that she needs help in the first place. That will be half the battle for you. Best of luck to you.
Unfortunately, it's easier for society to just call such people "lazy."

The critical comments directed towards John Stossel already posted expressed my sentiments even better than I could . . . would add a word of wisdom shared with me when Iwas a youngster: "Choose your friends wisely: you become what they are!" Associate yourself with pretentious and judgmental hatemongers and you get John Stossel.

The critical comments directed towards John Stossel already posted expressed my sentiments even better than I could . . . would add a word of wisdom shared with me when Iwas a youngster: "Choose your friends wisely: you become what they are!" Associate yourself with pretentious and judgmental hatemongers and you get John Stossel.

I doubt if Americans are any lazier than they ever were. This entire episode misses the point that people are much more willing to work hard if they see it as a way to improve their self. Many Immigrants in America work hard for just that reason - They DO see it as a path forward from where they are/were. A person who has lost a good job is likely to see a $7-8 job as an unsustainable step backwards - merely a way to lose their home a bit more slowly. Some Americans have simply lost the belief that hard work is a path to prosperity in our society.

Social programs need to be changed to help people who need it without being a disincentive for self improvement - something which is currently wrong with most programs.

Insulting!, first american big business sells us down the river and then the say were too lazy to pick up the scraps left over. Typical nonsense- I have bad news for you America, your going to experience a depression the likes of which will put the 30's to shame- and like lemmings everyone is getting in line

Come on, people. The world is full of ideas and I'm glad to to see Marketplace dipping its toe into a few that are outside the NPR orthodoxy. It's hypocritical to criticize Fox for narrow-minded reporting when your comments here indicate you want public radio to do the same thing. BTW, I work as a volunteer news host at an NPR station and am committed to public radio as a conduit for a diversity of viewpoints.

Yes, the world is so full of ideas, "An open minded guy", that the ones that make it into the media should included some real corroboration. Or at least an articulate counterpoint. That would not be asking public radio to "do the same thing". We shouldn't just pay lip service to the concept of "fair & balanced"...

The point is that John Stossel and Jeremey Hobson both have work ethic issues. To call this story anything more than lazy reporting is gratuitous. To make such a massive claim from such minimal research is plainly not doing your homework. This story is typical of Fox. It is a highly biased opinion not reporting, not news, not journalism. It conveys nothing but the opinion of the author and the author is no authority on the subject.
The story looked like the author had a deadline to make but instead of doing the work necessary for creditable journalism the author chose to submit a minimally researched opinion and go golfing.
If Mr. Stossel had submitted this piece to his journalism professor it would have been rejected as incomplete and faulty. But then again Mr. Stossel never went to journalism school and has no formal training in journalism. Mr. Stossel has a history of doing only the minimal research to support his opinion as opposed to doing exhaustive research and build a complete journalistic view.

You could have at least gone done the path of why someone would take a minimum wage job and the consequences of taking a minimum wage job. Most employers see people who actually admit to taking a minimum wage job as unmotivated, uneducated and lazy. In most cases the minimum wage is barely subsistence in America and also never provides any skills that encourage anything but more minimum wage skills. Minimum wage is the classic dead end job that only promotes poverty and enriches the employer.

Just reading the comments it is clear that the listeners have done much more research on this than the authors. That APM can allow this shoddy type of opinion to masquarde as journalism is very sad. This lack of quality in reporting is not why I contribute funds to public radio. Please do your job APM or we will all just be another bunch of John Stossels. And that would really be sad.


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