Quiz: What do you know about home values?

What do you know about home values?

There’s an interesting profile in the L.A. Times of a real estate agent who specializes in “problem properties”-- like a house where extensive Satan worship took place in Las Vegas (can Satan help your Poker odds?).

That go us wondering, what are some of the things that can raise or lower the value of a home?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge:

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Stacey Vanek Smith is a senior reporter for Marketplace, where she covers banking, consumer finance, housing and advertising.
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Clotheslines clearly need re-branding. It's hard to imagine what people find objectionable about a low-cost, low-tech method that uses nothing but solar and wind energy to dry your clothes -- and that produces superior results. Line-dried clothes have that wonderful fresh-air scent that the manufacturers of chemical drier sheets are always trying (unsuccessfully) to imitate; and because air drying is gentler, clothes last longer. I'm afraid it's a sad commentary on the shallow, wasteful and consumerist values of American culture that forgoing these advantages in favor of machine drying methods that harm both your clothes and the planet is a source of social status.

Fascinating questions, though I'm skeptical about the paranormal stuff. I'm curious how other people answered the questions. (I.e. I want to see if others are as ignorant as I am about some of these topics...)

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