PODCAST: Who will lead Microsoft?

Will Bill Gates step down as the chair of Microsoft's board.

There’s a lot of chatter out there about who will be named as Microsoft’s next CEO. And there’s questions swirling about whether Bill Gates will step down as board chair.

When you're in a position of power, you get no shortage of unsolicited advice. Bearing that in mind, we wondered what sort of advice people might have for Janet Yellen, as she becomes the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, after Ben Bernanke's term ends today. 

This weekend's Super Bowl pits two states that have legalized recreational marijuana against each other -- the Denver Broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks. That's spawned all sorts of drug inspired nicknames, like the Stoner Bowl, and the Bud Bowl. But this weekend's game is a big opportunity for the pro-pot faction.

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Lizzie O'Leary is the host of Marketplace Weekend.


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