PODCAST: The Weather Channel versus a weather channel

Cable's The Weather Channel seeks to bolster its forecasting credentials by acquiring Weather Underground, weather buffs' favorite source for learning which way the wind blows.

The 10-year bond hit a 3 percent yield. That comes after the Federal reserve announced its taper -- scaling back its bond buying program.

Driving while "texting" or while "holding" your cellphone falls under the category of "distracted driving." And while a lot of states have already cracked down on it, Russ Martin with the drivers' group AAA says there’s more to come in 2014.

If you happened to be channel surfing recently, you may have noticed new doppelganger of The Weather Channel. DirecTV subscribers now have WeatherNation, an all-weather channel located right next to The Weather Channel, a not so subtle move in what you might call the Weather Wars.

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We no longer have cable but as a far-west-coast family, we're thinking this is a good thing.
Weather Channel did only one thing well: keeping tabs on their back yard -- and that means the Southeast generally, and the greater Atlanta area in particular.

When the History Channel was first launched, we laughingly called it the "History of WWII Channel" because that was roughly the extent of their programming. Likewise, we called the Weather Channel the "Atlanta Weather Channel" for much the same reason.

It's about time someone with a broader world view entered the market.
(*btw: ever noticed how all weather stops at the Rio Grande and the 49th parallel? there's no weather in Canada, Alaska, Mexico or anywhere else, according to those weather people. )

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