PODCAST: Goodbye PT Cruiser, hello internship

The 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 'Woodie Package.''

As the second week of testimony begins in BP's civil trial for damages in the Gulf oil spill, a settlement is still possible. Once evidence is presented in earnest, though, lines harden and chances diminish.

In a survey commissioned by Marketplace and The Chronicle of Higher Education, employers said they value internships more than many other credentials when it comes to hiring.

One of the weirdest cars of the 21st century might be the Chrysler PT Cruiser. While the novelty car lost its popularity with drivers a few years after its release, it became a staple in rental car fleets.

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I liked the retro look of the PT Cruiser but I needed something slightly larger so I bought an HHR, which they also don't make any more. It is a good car for me. Comfortable on the inside. Good gas mileage. All kinds of little storage spaces, and you can store an amazing amount in it (and even someone tall can drive it and yet it is still comfortable for a short person like me). I think you all were pretty mean spirited about the PT Cruiser, which was designed by the same person who designed the HHR) which many people loved to own and still happily drive. If you don't like it, fine, but why make fun of those of us who have more independent tastes?

PT Cruiser seems to me to be the most popular model vehicle in central Florida (except for the city of Winter Park where the Mini Cooper rules!). I'm also curious why we have gotten so many requests to trade-in our PT Cruiser if they are not popular in the resale market.

Ran PTs for years... Best was a Turbo-Convertible, almost too much power.... Looked like it had been left in the dryer on the "cotton" setting too long when parked alongside my dads 1939 Ford Convertible sedan! The way the sheet metal was folded into its unique shape WAS amazing... other companys did it with plastic...Chrysler did it with METAL. ...It seems fitting that the new FIATs are made in that plant.

Does Keenan drive a Prius! Please, sounds like everyone is jealous of Chrysler this year! The PT Cruiser is a great car, and very gutsy! Has that great Chrysler 'wide' wheel base. Great on the road and comfortable for both passengers and driver and stylish like all Chrysler cars have been from the get go. So for all of you cloudy gloomy haters driving boring, nondescript vehicles, I'm really enjoying charging around in my PT Cruiser in sunny CA.

" The PT Cruiser is a great car, and very gutsy! "

ROFL. I got stuck by a rental company with a PT Loser on a trip to Arizona. On the drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff the ugly slug could barely stay ahead of big rigs in the climbing lane while every thing from Chevy Aveos to retiree driven campers blew past us. The PT Cruiser is a gas guzzling joke.

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