PODCAST: Food stamp recipients living with less

A sign in a market window advertises the acceptance of food stamps in New York City.

Forty-seven million Americans -- that's one in seven of us -- receive food stamps. Starting today, they'll be receiving less. A stimulus bill that had added federal money to what's called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, back 2009, has expired, and Congress has declined not to reauthorize the funding. For a family of five with no other income, this could cut food stamps by $43 a month. For low income people who are working, the cut would be less, but it will still bite.

At long last, the Federal Aviation Authority announced this week that we can use personal electronic devices all the way through our plane trips -- even during takeoff and landing-- as long as we're not actually talking on the phone.  

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Amen Cherry2! I have been living on a budget for years because money from my paycheck has been going to families using SNAP. I never buy name brand. I can't afford organic. And I always make big pots of food! Snack foods are nonexistent in our house! If your on SNAP - you should ask yourself . . . Do i live in the home of someone who should be on SNAP? Does my car look like the car of someone that should be on SNAP? Do I have the newest smart phone? News flash - probably should allocate your money to the necessities of life!!! You don't need SNAP!!! You need self control.
I get some people and families need SNAP and I have got no problem helping them out. But when I see a women on her smart phone wearing Gucci shoes and driving an Escalade telling the world that she has more money on SNAP then she knows what to do with... Not to happy about that. Hope your happy taking money from a family that makes less then 20,000 a year.
This is why our country is sinking and fast! Oh SNAP!

The woman in this report used to receive over $700 a month in food stamps. And now her "benefits" are being cut. She's going to have to cut coupons!!!! NO WAY! We're not going to make our SNAP recipients actually "work" (you know...the kind of work when you have to cut paper). According to her she's also going to have to make "bigger pots of food" and "cut down on snacks for her children." These are things that most people have to do. It's called living within your means, and as a school teacher I've never had the ability to spend $700 a month on food.

As an aside - a couple of months ago I was at the grocery store and the woman ahead of me in line was checking out. She purchased a whole slew of items with her own money, and then ran a separate transaction with her SNAP benefits. Something I noticed her purchasing with her SNAP dollars - organic milk. I was shocked - you know, the kind of milk that I can't afford to buy with the dollars that I worked for.

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