PODCAST: Food goggles and Twitter slights Facebook

Scientists in Japan have developed goggles that makes food appear twice as large. The idea being that goggle wearers will think they are eating larger amounts of food and end up eating less.

China today cut its key interest rate by a quarter a percent to restore some vigor to its economy.  Might Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke suggest similar medicine when he briefs lawmakers on Capital Hill today?  Among the challenges:  interest rates in America are already near 60 year lows and cheap borrowing is not the only reason people decide whether or not to hire or to buy.


In a hopeful sign for jobs today, new claims for unemployment benefits dropped in the last week.


Crude oil in Europe slipped below $100 dollars a barrel today.  In New York, it'll be below 85 dollar as the sun comes up here in the East.


The government of Spain had to pay a little more to borrow money this morning. But at least investors were willing to lend to the financially troubled country.


To Japan - where researchers have found a new way to get us to eat less. Special diet goggles... That are supposed to trick your brain. The goggles can make  a cookie look twice its actual size... Which is supposed to keep you from eating the whole thing.  And as a bonus, if you use the goggles to look at your iPhone... You'll think you have an iPad.

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