PODCAST: 23andMe might not be all it says it's cracked up to be

The 23andMe kit.

Federal regulators have ordered the genetic testing company 23andMe to stop marketing its mail-order DNA sampling kits. The FDA says 23andMe has not proven the validity of the kit's results. 

Katie Couric announced that she is taking a job as an internet anchor of a news show at Yahoo. Couric is still hosting her ABC daytime talk show "Katie" -- for now anyway. ABC hasn’t decided if it will renew the show. That may have been a factor in her decision, but what else did Couric, a television network anchor, consider when deciding to take a job hosting an internet show?

As the Obama administration continues its erratic roll out of health care reform, halfway around the world in Indonesia, authorities are getting ready to introduce the world's biggest universal health care program. It will cover all 240 million citizens and go into effect in 2014.  

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The story erroneously reported that the risk of breast cancer is with BRCA mutation is only slightly elevated. According to http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/BRCA The risk is 55-65% with BRCA1 and 45% with BRCA2. The gene detection is important, not because it is a reason for greater surveillance, but rather because some women who are at high risk may choose prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction. The choice is between the patient and doctor, but the information is very helpful in making an informed decision.

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