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In high foreclosure areas, sellers aren't paying for extras

Oct 13, 2011
RealtyTrac says foreclosures bumped up less than 1 percent in the third quarter. In areas where there are lots of foreclosures, sellers aren't sprucing up as much.
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Broken homes: American household incomes plunge

Oct 10, 2011
The markets may be up on news of a European plan, but dire household income figures here in the U.S. show the economy is still in the dumps

Goldman Sachs punished for faulty foreclosures

Sep 1, 2011
Goldman Sachs agreed to reduce mortgage principal for some New York state homeowners in a settlement that could set a national precedent.
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Where the housing market is and isn't growing, and why

Aug 18, 2011
Home prices are still falling in most regions of the country. Some markets, though, are weathering the downturn better than others. What can we learn from these outliers?
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Plan would turn foreclosures into rentals

Aug 10, 2011
The Federal Housing Administration today will ask the public for ideas to help clear out the nation's stock of foreclosed homes. One idea gaining steam is to get foreclosed properties off the market by renting them out.
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Foreclosure rates continue to fall

Aug 10, 2011
But that isn't particularly good news unless employment picks up
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Foreclosure rates in Calif. are lowest since '07

Jul 20, 2011
Kenneth Rosen, a housing economist from the University of California Berkeley, explains why the housing market is in a period of sustained but choppy growth.
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Cities face hurdles in foreclosure cases

May 5, 2011
Los Angeles is suing Deutsche Bank for neglecting foreclosed homes, joining other cities trying to get banks to pay for neighborhood blight.
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Gov't probes foreclosure problems

Oct 20, 2010
A new government report looks into problems with foreclosures across the banking system. Reporter Mitchell Hartman talks with Jeremy Hobson about where we stand with the foreclosure problems.
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