Jobs numbers in the spotlight

When it comes to all of the different indicators used to measure the country’s economic health, especially during the election year, the unemployment rate is the "big man on campus."

When it comes to all of the different indicators used to measure the country’s economic health, especially during the run up to the presidential election,  the unemployment rate is the Big Man on Campus.

Once a month, the jobs report is going to get the most attention from the public, the politicians and the media,” says John Canally, an economist for LPL financial.

He says other numbers, like consumer spending and durable goods, deserve attention too. “Those types of reports tend to look ahead and the markets pay a little more attention to those."

As other indicators improve, Jack Ablin with BMO Private Bank says, they’re stealing some of the spotlight from the unemployment numbers, there are more current indicators that economists can look at that to show the economy is starting to percolate.”

But given that the unemployment rate is expected to remain high for a while, people still want to hear what the Big Man has to say.



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Dan Gorenstein is the senior reporter for Marketplace’s Health Desk. You can follow him on Twitter @dmgorenstein.
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We will indeed have a structurally high unemployment rate, reaching 20% now with workers who have given up, if we stay with free-market global corporations. It is the nature of this economy to keep people in poverty and move wealth to the top. They are working for a society that mirrors Bahrain with the wealth in the hands of a few, a very small middle-class made up of mostly immigrants who are not citizens, and the citizens of Bahrain sent off to work as migrants. Sound familiar? In the US, where a first world country is being taken to second or third world there is a problem of educated people so the transition is awkward. Those pesky baby boomers know what a strong domestic economy should be.......and it is not free-market global.

We have two corporate politicians running for President with Third Way President Obama so the 95% need to mobilize at the state and local level to vote incumbent Third Way Democrats out of office. We need to end the income inequity to reverse this trend with progressive taxation with a very high 70% rate at the top and we need to bring back the trillions moved to the top by fraud.....simple Rule of Law. Just doing these two things will break down the size of corporations to regional entities and reduce the power of the top who dominate all things with their wealth. Then we would go back to the workers being the consumers who drive the economic markets.....the middle-class.

Why do we not hear this from our public media.....the very press whose job it is to work on behalf of the public? The answer lies with a poll that shows the public trusts mainstream media as much as politicians and banks.....

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