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Obamacare's Big Day: Follow along at home

It may not be exactly like a big, blockbuster movie opening, or like the first day of a new baseball season, but Tuesday is opening day for President Obama's signature health care overhaul. Like it or not, millions of Americans will be able to enroll for some sort of health care through state and federal exchanges -- that is, if the computers hold up. And if you want to follow along with the action the way you would, say, the season finale of a certain TV show, we've assembled a list of must-follow Twitterati:

Sep 30, 2013

Affordable Care Act: The #Hashtag

Track what politicians, journalists and the rest of the U.S. has to say on the first day of the Affordable Care Act with these popular Twitter hashtags:

Sep 30, 2013

A tax on medical devices that almost nobody likes

Mar 22, 2013
You don't often hear about a 79-to-20 vote in the U.S. Senate, but that's exactly what happened last night. The chamber voted overwhelmingly to repeal a tax on medical devices.
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Medical device makers try to stave off new tax

Dec 26, 2012
Medical device makers say the 2.3 percent tax on sales due to start in January will cost jobs. The levy is part of the Obama health care program.
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New taxes take effect to fund Affordable Care Act

Dec 25, 2012
Fiscal cliff deal or not, some taxes will go up either way.
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UnitedHealth to adopt reform provisions, set insurance standard

Jun 11, 2012
UnitedHealth will adopt some parts of the Affordable Care Act regardless of what happens in the U.S. Supreme Court in the coming weeks. The insurer will continue to cover children up to age 26 and offer free preventive health care services.
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As healthcare reform turns one, the under-insured still wait for change

Apr 1, 2011
The most significant portions of health care reform legislation don't go into effect for another few years. Meanwhile, some go without insurance at all. Others explore creative options while faced with rising insurance rates.
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The public perception of health care reform

Mar 23, 2011
Kaiser Family Foundation president Drew Altman speaks about the state of public sentiment regarding the health care law, one year after it was passed.
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What's 'essential' in health care

Mar 2, 2011
The Institute of Medicine is meeting this week to determine what constitutes 'essential' medical care -- which under the health care reform, will be guaranteed to all Americans.
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The Medi-Medi problem

Mar 1, 2011
As in Medicare and Medicaid. Conflicts in the two government health care programs can drive up costs for states. But change could be on the way.
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2010 was a roller-coaster year for health care reform; stories of hot congressional debates and angry protests swept the media in the months leading up to President Obama's historic signing of the approved health care bill. With the reform becoming law comes a host of questions: How can we better understand our new health care plan? How will we be affected by changes to our health insurance? What are the most important things to know about the health care law? Marketplace continues to follow the story.

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