Congress packing lots in before break

U.S. Capitol Building


Scott Jagow: It's the last day of school for Congress. August recess is supposed to start tomorrow, and when lawmakers come back next month, Iraq is expected to dominate the political agenda. So they're frantically trying to get other big legislation out of the way. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Jeremy Hobson: Today, House Democrats will try to pass their energy legislation.

Earlier this week, they made it easier for workers to sue employers for pay discrimination, reversing a recent Supreme Court decision.

And yesterday, the Senate passed sweeping ethics legislation that mandates greater disclosure of pet spending projects known as earmarks.

Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution says the last-minute flurry of activity is no surprise.

Thomas Mann: Democrats were terrified that they would be subject to withering criticism for again a do-nothing Congress.

The House will also try to pass the defense appropriations bill today — one day after President Bush derided members for not sending him any of the 12 spending bills due September 30.

President George Bush: They need to pass each of these spending bills individually, on time, and in a fiscally responsible way.

Vetoes could be on the way. The president claims Democrats are overspending.

In Washington, I'm Jeremy Hobson for Marketplace.

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