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Do-gooder had good timing on housing boom

Nov 23, 2011
Kim Carter used to be an addict and convict, but now she's created a foundation to help women get back on their feet. She took advantage of the housing bubble and avoided predatory lending, and thus has been able to provide housing for those in need.
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Looking back at the housing boom and bust

Nov 22, 2011
A portrait of one of the places where the housing crash vaporized tens of thousands of jobs and millions in household wealth.
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Some Californians turn to church in troubled times

Nov 22, 2011
In the Southern California town of Rialto, jobs and homes have been lost. And one evangelical church has stepped in to help.
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American Dream fails in Inland Empire

Nov 21, 2011
California's Inland Empire was a magnet for cheap housing during the boom. Now, the bust has left many towns in this desert region with 15 percent unemployment and few prospects.
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In Southern California's Inland Empire, unemployment has nearly tripled since the recession began and now tops 15 percent in many towns. Blue collar jobs in construction, manufacturing, trucking and warehousing that fed the boom are not returning as the national economy slowly bounces back. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports on where residents are turning for shelter from the economic storm.

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