Yes, the Hard Rock Cafe still exists

Pat LaFrieda Meats hosted by Rachael Ray during the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival at Beachside at The Ritz Carlton on February 21, 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida. 

There are fewer than ten Planet Hollywood locations still open -- but for the Hard Rock Cafe, life after the recession has been one marked by growth.

And that has to do with their post-recession strategy, says Venessa Wong, a reporter at Bloomberg Businessweek.  The Seminole Tribe of Florida bought the struggling themed restaurant chain in 2007. Since then, the company has focused on building more restaurants overseas and expanding into a line of hotels and casinos.

In the U.S., they’ve also tried to update the brand by changing restaurant décor and playing new music. Wong thinks the changes and growth strategy could very well prove successful.

"As long as they offer tourists a good enough experience while they’re there, they’re probably likely to visit another Hard Rock at another location the next time they’re traveling to a place where it’s hard to find a good hamburger,” Wong said.

About the author

David Gura is a senior reporter for Marketplace, based in the Washington, D.C. bureau.


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