Shadow banking: still big, still dangerous

The part of the financial system that lends the most money to American
remains almost untouched by regulation. It's shadow banking, as Paddy
Hirsch explains.

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Aye, indeed....Another well made, cogent, concise, poignant video. Absolutely brilliant. Where was this guy when the mass ignorant sheeple of America,etc were unintentionally gambling and getting fleeced?

Paddy's explanation as to what differentiates a commercial bank from a shallow (i.e. investment) bank was certainly true...prior to the bailouts that followed the financial crisis!

Great job as usual Paddy. Please ignore the feminist comment by others. This site is for business education, not to be hijacked by politically-correct activists. Imagine that if you used most of the time female characters, the feminists will argue that you should not degrade the women and use more man instead.

Great explanation Paddy. This type of lending is occurring in real estate in greater proportions by way of "private lending" offered in any Sunday paper classifieds. Please draw some pigtails on your characters :=)

I've just watched 5 videos and not one of the cartoon characters are female! While most of the characters are also not of a reputable nature, I still believe half of the population should not be ignored.

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