The 'repo' market

Paddy stands in front of the whiteboard

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Great video-lessons!
Can you do one on calculating interest rates? For example, in your repo example: $1 for $100 'loan' for 1 day translates into what annual interest rate? Thanks.

The simple grace of what you folks are doing is remarkable. Like sharing water with sickly nomads you're quenching a fierce thirst for knowledge in a desperate time.
Its frightening all but a slim minority understand fundamental components of our financial sector including those politicians positioned to oversee and to oversee the overseers. Before we can have this epic conversation about how our society operates there must be a definition of terms and a minimal level of understanding. When that is truly achieved we can begin applying generational common sense to regulation.
The household mother can perform economic magic, she can extract full value, she can operate with intense discipline, and she can spot a pyramid scheme knocking at her door, too. More retired moms at the SEC would be a start. And maybe some wise aggregated popular wealth could balance all of this clever shortsighted capital darting around the market. Investment democracy.

Awesome Presentation on Repo Market. Really enjoyed it and I am sure not many financial analysts can explain so well.

hi paddy hirsch.i really like the way you explain many things in a simple way.i wud like it if u cud explain any else in any other field or topic.n i always wait for ur new video.(u cum up wit new video everyday..lol.jus kiddin).keep up a good.n thank you again.

all the best

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