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Help us break down complex financial topics into easy-to-understand analogies. Post a comment below with an idea for the topic of our next Whiteboard video and you could win a signed copy of Paddy Hirsch's new book "Man vs. Markets"

People who know me know I love two things: Explaining stuff to people and getting stuff for free. So it gives me great pleasure to combine these two loves by explaining to you how you how you can get something from me for free.

And that free thing is... a copy of my new book, Man vs. Markets. It explains all the basics and some of the not-so-basics about the financial system. Think of it as one of my Whiteboard videos on paper – with a fancy cover.

Post a comment and you could get free stuff
All you have to do is post a comment on this page suggesting an idea for an upcoming episode of the Whiteboard. Each week starting Friday Sept. 1 and continuing for the next few months, I’ll pick one person at random who left a comment and send them a signed copy of my book. And I’ll use your best ideas for future Whiteboard videos.

So post your comments with ideas – we need them, because without ideas, there’ll be no Whiteboards, and that could leave us all very badly needing a drink!

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Paddy Hirsch is a Senior Editor at Marketplace and the creator and host of the Marketplace Whiteboard. Follow Paddy on Twitter @paddyhirsch and on facebook at www.facebook.com/paddyhirsch101

Help us break down complex financial topics into easy-to-understand analogies. Post a comment below with an idea for the topic of our next Whiteboard video and you could win a signed copy of Paddy Hirsch's new book "Man vs. Markets"

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Please explain: who are the market movers in any market? How they become one? Also you mention-"Yesterday, the European Central Bank announced it will print as much money as it needs to keep the euro together." The way ECB will print money is different from us as they said: Bond Purchases Will be Sterilized- Could you explain more about this term. Finally, do you think that the gold standard will be a solution?


Wow. This one is an excellent suggestion.

Please address the valadity of Kondratiev Wave and his predictive cycle theory, and if we are currently in the transition point predicted by his analysis?
Nikolai Dmitriyevich Kondratiev :
Nikolai Dmitriyevich Kondratiev was a Russian economist, who was a proponent of the New Economic Policy, which promoted small private, free market enterprises in the Soviet Union

Please explain how I can keep income from being subject to income tax by somehow keeping it in the Cayman Islands. For example, can I incorporate a company off shore and have one of its workers (me) do my job on the factory line in Detroit as a "subcontractor," with my wages going to my bank account in the Cayman Islands? Is that how I do it? Please let me know, because I want to have a lower tax rate than even Mitt Romney, Warren Buffett, and their secretaries! C'mon, Paddy! Tell me!

could you explain the currency manipulation concept, why the US feels China is doing this, and how it impacts the US economy?

Can you explain the concept of a liquidity trap? Another possibility is the concept of moral hazard. I'd love to be able to share these with my students.

is it true that if the economic of the US goes south , the currency exchange will not be made anymore in dollar, but it will change to GOLD. if yes can you explain how that process could happen in the future and what could be the consequences for the US consumer.

Please make videos on the economics of choice. i.e. how individual choices affect individual and societal expenditures e.g.

1) financial consequences of eating animal products on medicare. animal consumption -> medical treatments -> medicare budget -> deficit.*
2) financial consequences of eating animal products on global warming expenditures. animal consumption -> methane production -> global warming -> financial consequences of global warming & mitigation of global warming
3) financial consequences of the delayed gratification pattern
4) financial consequences of exercise
5) financial consequences of education
6) financial consequences of home ownership
7) financial consequences of getting married

*See Reverse & Prevent Heart by Dr. Caldwell R Esselstyn and The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell for a complete list of diseases strongly linked to the consumption of animal products. e.g. coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis etc.

Okay, real basic, but helpful. In this election season, it would be helpful to see on the whiteboard a visual explanation of the financial views of each presidential candidate/party. Does this election present a basic choice between Chicago/Friedman-esque economics vs. a more Keynesian philosophy. or is it more complicated than that? It seems two different financial and economic paradigms are on offer. Can you help us understand this?

Please explain the underlying rationale for the Black-Scholes formula (eg Equivalent Martingale Measure) and its assumptions (as well as its failures).


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