Financial alchemy

Paddy Hirsch explains financial alchemy

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Great :)!!!! Extra !!!! Genial !!!! Thank you for all the videos I have seen tonight.

Allline from France.

First timer on-line..Paddy Hirsch. The world is lucky to even to have someone like you. I don't know how long you've been doing Whiteboard; keep doing this for the world.I'm surprise you don't HAVE your own tv spot.Fan for life


Thank you for educating us on the very complex financial instruments that are out there on the market.
Keep up the good work!
Sandra, Vienna, Austria

Could you explain the world of High Frequency Trading?

Wow! Great! Fantastic!
I wish I had taken advantage of this long, long ago.
What's up with Municipal Bonds... I could use a Whiteboard on these.
I may have sold some too early...
An advisor I am talking to suggests I
put money back into "munnies."
Henry Hill

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