Weekly Wrap: Dow hits 16,000; where will it go next? + longreads

raders work on the floor of The New York Stock Exchange

This week mark's the first time the Dow Jones stock market index closed above 16,000. Does that mean the economy is improving? Plus, a look at the Fed's latest meeting and whether inflation or deflation will mark the next financial quarter. 


Leigh Gallagher of Fortune selects:

Former NFL player Sam Hurd faced possible life in prison for drug trafficking and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Sports Illustrated's Michael McKnight investigates how one of football's most promising young players hid his double life.   

Time's Rosalind Wiseman looks at how changing courtship (read: hookup) culture impacts teen boys. 

Have you heard of Patrick Soon-Shiang? He might be the richest person no one knows about

Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy picks: 

The Moneyball approach to human resources: The Atlantic on corporations using data to hire and fire you.

Drowning islands: Businessweek on the Pacific nation that'll be underwater by the turn of the century.

Parents desperately search for cures to save their children. The Wall Street Journal followed families dealing with kids of terminal illness.

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