Weekly Wrap: Optimism with February jobs numbers

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond.

The week on Wall Street and beyond with John Carney from CNBC and Felix Salmon from Reuters.

On whether the recovery is here to stay:

Felix Salmon: I think when we first started getting these great jobs numbers, everyone worried that they were aberrations, and the more of them we got, the more it seems we're seeing a real trend here. The economy is really generating new jobs month in and month out. It would be surprise if it failed to do that for any length of time.

John Carney: I actually agree with Felix here. I was one of the people who thought when we saw a lot of jobs created in February that that was an aberration, that it was a statistical fluke, something was wrong with the numbers. But we keep seeing jobs being created, the markets have been up now four weeks in a row. I think it's a very good sign.

For more analysis, listen to the full audio above.

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I guess it's good that the employment numbers are positive, but with all due respect... when you're unemployed, that good news lasts about a nano-second and the only recovery that makes sense is your own. Like they say, it's a recession when your neighbor loses his job... and depression when you lose yours.

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