Weekly Wrap: Markets and mortgages

A Wall Street sign in New York City's financial district.

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If it was sarcasm, I apologize, but it should be obvious that everyone having a government job is a recipe for disaster. Planned economies have been tried. They end in mass starvation. And having the government employ everyone--paying all salaries--without taking it all back in taxes as a planned economy does would make the Weimar Republic look frugal. To solve our economic woes, one of the important steps we need to take is *reduce* the government payroll.

Before you insinuate sarcasm, you might want to read the USA Today article dated 3/8/2010: "Federal Pay Ahead of Private Industry". 'In 2008, federal workers earned an avg. salary of $67,691. Health, pension and other benefits added $40,785. vs. $9,882 in the private sector'....Hey, I'll take it!
It's almost half what the cops in Miami make.


Loved Heidi comment about the perfect world in which every job was a government job. Although I am afraid that many would not know that it was sarcasm (assuming that she was being sarcastic).

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