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Campbell Soup Co. post low earnings allegedly due to strong dollar.

Fun Fact Friday: It's a soupy mess

Feb 27, 2015
We discuss the week that was and highlight a few fun facts from the week in news.
Posted In: Campbells, groundwater, juvenile justice
A band plays "Nearer,  My God to Thee" in the video CNN will play when the world ends.

Fun Fact Friday: This is the way the world ends

Jan 9, 2015
A wrap up of what we learned this week at Marketplace.
Posted In: fun facts, fun fact friday, polar bears, doomsday, wrap up
The U.S. Capitol.

Weekly Wrap: Comsumers, Congress and commodities

Dec 12, 2014
A discussion of highlights from the week's news.
Posted In: consumers, Congress, commodities

Weekly Wrap: Gentrification and and the jobs report

Dec 5, 2014
We talk "York & Fig" on a national level and good news from the Labor Department.
Posted In: jobs report, gentrification

Weekly Wrap: Immigration and the New York Fed

Nov 21, 2014
Kai's weekly chat about the week in business news.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Wall Street, immigration reform

Weekly Wrap: Jobs report

Nov 7, 2014
Nela Richardson and John Carney join Kai to talk about the week that was.
Posted In: Jobs, unemployement

Weekly Wrap: Volatility, always

Oct 17, 2014
Kai talks with John Carney and Linette Lopez for the Weekly Wrap.
Wall Street

Weekly Wrap: Surprise, surprise (oh wait)

Oct 10, 2014
The Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy and Redfin's Nela Richardson joined Kai Ryssdal to talk about the week that was.
Goldman Sach booth

Weekly Wrap: Inside Goldman Sachs

Sep 26, 2014
Kai talked with Linette Lopez and Cardiff Garcia about the week that was.
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