Watch out for those green ones...

Green M&M plays Cupid for Mars' new Valentine's Day marketing campaign.


Scott Jagow: A certain candy-maker has decided to go green. But I assure you, this has nothing to do with global warming. Andrea Gardner reports.

Andrea Gardner: You've heard it for years: the rumor that green M&Ms are supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Well Mars, the company that makes M&Ms, is hoping to cash in on that urban legend. The company has come out with bright green bags of nothing but green M&Ms as the Valentine's Day retail season heats up.

Marketing analyst Marissa Gluck from Radar Research says the move is more than just a pop-culture tie-in.

Marissa Gluck: They're competing on a really cluttered shelf. So they gain two advantages. One is that they stand out in a shelf full of red and pink candies. And the second is that they seem a little bit more hip.

The sexy ad campaign might be a risk for M&Ms, traditionally a wholesome brand popular with kids and parents. But Gluck says the company is banking that consumers will get the joke.

In Los Angeles, I'm Andrea Gardner for Marketplace.

About the author

Andrea Gardner is a journalism professor and writer in Pasadena, Calif.


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