Toyota revs up NASCAR competition — and tempers

Driver Mike Skinner, in the #23 Toyota, drives during NASCAR testing at Daytona International Speedway on Jan. 15, 2007.


SCOTT JAGOW: Toyota's holding nothing back in its bid to win over America's heartland. Toyota unveils its new full-size pickup this month, a revamped version of the Tundra and Camrys will start racing full-time on the NASCAR circuit. Scott Graf has more Charlotte.

SCOTT GRAF: Strong sales have provided Toyota with plenty of money for sponsorships. And typically, race teams get some technological help from their domestic car manufacturer.

But Toyota is providing substantially more.

One of the more outspoken critics of Toyota is current team owner Jack Roush. His teams have driven Fords and his ties to Detroit are strong. He says he's prepared to go to war with the Japanese company.

JACK ROUSH: If they bring more money than other manufacturers and the other sponsors feel like they can come up with . . . well then, they bought their way in and they're taking advantage with their money.

But not everyone in NASCAR is displeased with Toyota coming onboard. Team owners Rick Hendrick and Joe Gibbs say they welcome the new competition.

In Charlotte, I'm Scott Graf for Marketplace.


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