Straight Story: Waiting for a cure

Economics editor Chris Farrell

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Chris Farrell is the economics editor of Marketplace Money.
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How does Farrell figure that Medicare is paying for the medically uninsured. Medicare IS insurance. It's true Medicare is a major source of health care spending, waste, and contributes to double digit health care inflation but that's because old people consume a disproportionate amount of medical services.

Farrell's claim that Medicaid pays for the uninsured is also misleading. Medicaid is insurance for the poor and the pseudo-poor. The pseudo poor are all those disabled middle class geezers living in nursing homes at $60K per year after tranferring their houses and other wealth to their adult kids.

Calling poor mothers and kids uninsured if they get Medicaid is plain false. Medicaid IS their health insurance.

Taxpayers do pay for Chris Farrell's beloved illegal immigrants when they show up at the emergency room with no insurance. But according to Chris they're doing us a favor by being here.

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