Polyvore.com allows web surfers to express their style

The e-shoppers eternal dilemma: how do you save and organize fashion styles and looks that you love on the Internet? Polyvore.com is a web community of fashionistas that allows you to track fashion trends around the world. You can "clip" your favorite items, style them into a collage, and share your collage with your friends.

Or as Lucky magazine says, "Polyvore.com took the social networking phenomenon, added fashion voyeurism and a dash of let's-pretend fantasy, and created a sensation."

Marketplace reporter Adriene Hill used Polyvore to create her own collage featuring an outfit suitable for a public radio host.

Rick Owens Zip-Around Hoodie
$545 - barneys.com


T-Shirt Radio Head White
43 GBP - sereneorder.com


Fossil Winston Cargo Pant
$64 - fossil.com



Headphones - Accessories - TOPMAN
15 GBP - topman.com





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