Plumbers get ready for a busy Thanksgiving

It turns out that this is a very busy time of year for the trusty plumber. So says Murray Korff, a plumber with Champion Plumbing in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Korff says during the holidays, people stuff too much down their garbage disposals; they share their kitchen with in-laws who don’t know the tricks that the homeowner has learned to keep their sinks clear; and then, there are the problems that come with 20 guests and one bathroom.

How does someone in high demand charge during the business time of the year? He says, “Being a holiday, you want to obviously charge the right price for that but at the same time, you don’t want to gouge the customers either.” He’s hoping someone who calls him with an emergency on Thanksgiving might just become a regular customer if they have a good experience.

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The last Christmas I was put in a difficult position when I had a clogged sink, I tried a lot of methods but none of them worked. All the plumbing companies were busy and could not help me for the next three days, luckily I found the http://www.acplumbingsomd.com/ website and they came in that day. Since then I know where to ask for help in case of such emergencies, especially on holidays when it`s difficult to find such services.

It is indeed true that plumbing services do increase during the holiday season – and sometimes, more towards emergency plumbing. Central heating for example is a good case, especially if the homeowner has not done the regular maintenance of the central heating system. That is why it is good to have some maintenance especially nearing the holiday season.

This problem with plumbing woes during the holidays goes back to the 1960's of my earliest recollections. This is old news as is the fact that people aren't getting any smarter. The dumbing down of the masses continues.
Another place that is also busy during and after the Thanksgiving holidays is the emergency rooms of the nations hospitals. Symptoms of heart attacks, indigestion problems, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, etc from overeating. Also there are increases in sinus problems including colds. I'm surprised you have covered this story in the past.
Whether its the plumbing in ones residence that is clogged or that of ones own gastrointestinal tract, people don't get it.
So let them pay. Ignorance costs more than knowledge. For some, their plumbing and/or medical bill will be more than the cost of their Thanksgiving spread.
I have friends who are plumbers from Michigan to Florida out to Arizona. I hear about this all the time.

This Walter Kerr quotation above covers it all: "Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever enough to take indecent advantage of them."

plumbing problems are pale compared with your fridge dying before the holidays. if you have a GE repair contract, you might as well postpone thanksgiving AND christmas.

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