Wrigley Field prepares for huge Toyota sign

The Chicago Cubs are looking to put a new beacon up above Wrigley Field: a 360-square-foot Toyota sign to loom about 50 feet above the left-field bleachers and glow for the neighbors to see. The Cubs have agreed to a four-year moratorium on future ads to prepare for the sign. Toyota's Cubs sponsorship will generate over $2 million over the next three years.

Some rooftop-owning Chicagoans fear a city approval of the big Toyota sign could set a precedent for future outfield signs, which could have a negative impact on their businesses and the general landscape. The Cubs plan to place the sign in a way which doesn't block views from rooftops, but if the Zoning Board of Appeals blocks the sign, the Cubs could be forced to take it down.

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I'm sure the sign's brightness will further illuminate the tears of many a disappointed Cub fan for the next few years to come.

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