U.S. economic growth slows...

GDP grew significantly less fast in the last three months. Are we sliding back into recession?

Hayward felt scapegoated, stepped down for love of BP

Fed concerned about deflation. Time to print money?

Obama in Detroit: We'll get all the auto bailout money back.

Should carmakers have to tell independent mechanics their auto secrets?

Chamber wants states to cut back on pensions

Billionaire brothers charged with fraud. Contributors to GOP, and charities

Crafters go full-time DIY in recession

Marketplace Minute: Speed Stick, Apple Jacks, UltraBrite and Honey Smacks

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As a small carpet broker, when the economy got
hit on the business, I feel like, everything is
falling apart; and even to pay the basic personal bill after cutting corners everywhere, is getting
very hard every day. As I see more properties
for sale, and close stores and parked trailers
by the hundreds everywhere, there is nothing
left to believe for a better day any time
soon, but a total despondency.

Lack of jobs, tight credit, depreciated real
estate value; above all the depressed feeling of
people make it very hard for the economy to
move forward. As the world's biggest economy,
until the U.S. economy started moving, the world
economy will not move forward. This unexpected
world-wided financial meltdown seems like sent
from heaven to teach us all a big lesson of life.

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