SNL Facebookers want a Betty White-style encore

The cult of Facebook isn't finished trying to infiltrate our TV programming. More fan-page movements for iconic entertainment personalities to host SNL are making their way onto the site. The latest plea is for an SNL coup d'état by comedienne Carol Burnett; the 77-year-old actress was star of her own popular sketch comedy show in the 60s and 70s.

Other fan pages for potential hosts include Broadway superstar Carol Channing and actress/singer Liza Manelli. Even Betty White, the former "Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Golden Girls" star who hosted a highly-rated SNL last week, has gotten an encore on Facebook because fans now want her to host next year's Academy Awards broadcast.

White told CBS' Early Show this week she was dumbfounded by the prospect. "Give me a break," she told the program.

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Dear Friends of Facebook,
I thought Betty White on SNL last week was one of the best SNL's I've ever seen.
What a GREAT SPORT! Although AGE is a three-letter expletive that ought to be thrown out of the dictionary, Betty White proves that, like wine, as we age, we get better and better!
Patricia D'Alessandro
A Happy 86-year-old
P.S. Remembering the old phrase "BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25th CEN----TUR----YYY, by all means bring on THE WOMEN of the 21st Century!
Patricia D'Alessandro

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