A list of 10 ways to get your resume noticed

Hiring managers receive a lot of resumes and with so many people out work, the pool of competition to land a job has only gotten larger since the Great Recession started. So CareerBuilder has some advice on how you can make your resume stand out from the crowd.

10 ways to get your resume noticed

  1. Start from scratch -- Rearrange. Change your font. Try something new if you haven't had success with your current resume and see what happens.
  2. Use a different format -- Using the standard chronological resume may not be most beneficial to you. Other types of resumes -- like functional or combination -- may work for you.
  3. Ditch the empty words and vague phrases -- Are the following words in your resume: people person, go-getter, team player, hard-working, multi-tasker, self-starter or results? Employers say they're overused and often ignored by hiring managers.
  4. Make your achievements stand out -- Many people list their job duties, but often ignore their accomplishments.
  5. Quantify your accomplishments -- Quantifying results shows hiring managers what you can really do for them.
  6. Include a summary or objective -- It's a step most people forget, but it helps employers know if you're a good fit for their organization.
  7. Fill in the gaps -- Waiting for an interview to explain any gaps in your work history might not get you an interview in the first place. A different resume format or an explanation for job lapses might help the employer understand you aren't trying to hide something sketchy.
  8. Keep it simple -- A simple layout will catch the employer's eye better than fancy colors or crazy fonts.
  9. Double-check for the basics -- Sounds simple enough. But none of your hard work will pay off if your phone number or e-mail address is incorrect.
  10. Check for consistency -- Use consistent fonts, sizes, bullets, and other formatting options. It looks cleaner and shows employers you have an eye for detail.

For more information about how to get your resume noticed, check out CareerBuilder's advice here.

We interviewed CareerBuilder's Jason Ferrara on how to revamp your resume. He has more tips on how to improve your resume. And also tells Tess Vigeland the worst thing he's seen someone do with their resume... Let's just say it involves teddy bears.

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Joe Greener
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Modesto, CA 95350
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Certified Forklift Driver: 2009 (Foster Farms Dairy)
Fiber Optic Technician: 1999-2001 (360 Networks)
Certified as a Fiber Optic Technician, Experienced working with fiber optic test equipment (talk sets, visual light sources, power meters, fiber identifiers, launch reels, and various OTDR’s). I am skilled in fiber optic production, fusion/mechanical splicing and fiber restoration. I also have experience building several fiber optic splice enclosures i.e., Perform/Raychem/Siecor and ADC. I consistently accomplish tasks as specified. I have the ability to multi-task, and work well on my own or in a team environment.
Valley Staffing-City of Modesto- Streets department, Equipment operator / maintenance worker.
May2009-October 2009
Fork lift driver /production operator-Foster farms dairy
I am responsible for maintaining machinery, inventory, packaging products and safely driving fork lift. I also organize, store merchandise in the warehouse, palletizing, box machines, casers, fillers, quality control, sensors, hydraulics and coding products using a computer.
August 2004-January 2009
Tibco-skilled laborer
My job duties were building & maintaining warehouses and food processing plants, unloading equipment and material and also order selecting using a forklift, palletizing, conveyor belts, inventory, welding, and organizing material in the warehouses.
October 2003-July 2004
Alarm Installer-Active Alert
I was a Professional installer of commercial and residential alarms. I also programmed alarm panels, troubleshooting and serviced calls. Experienced in Vista, Simon, Lynx, and Concord Express alarm systems.
February 2003-July 2003
Apprentice Electrician-Access Electric
Commercial, residential, and industrial installations
August 2002-November 2002
Installer-Links Communications-AT&T Contractor
I was responsible for installing cable systems.
December 2001-August 2002
Operator 3 –EKC Technology, Inc
Responsible for performing functions associated with RF scan gun and order selecting all manufacturing operations including filling heads, palletizing, packing lines, forklifts, and running drum & miscellaneous stations. Also, I would unload or load 48ft to 53ft trucks and selected stock for shipment. I packed stock using hand held devises for inventory purposes, consolidated stock for shipment to customers insuring correct amount of stock was selected and also stowed stock in racks.
December 1999-June 2001
Fiber Optic Technician-360 Networks
I completed long haul fiber splicing, testing, and region work.

1994-1998 Johansen High School-Modesto, CA. High School Diploma
*NC.C.E.R certified in heavy equipment

*Certified Forklift Driver- Foster Farms Dairy

*Certificate of completion as a Fiber Optic Technician. I am certified in single mode, multi mode, fusion, mechanical splicing, termination, and associated test equipment.

*Safety & Environmental Orientation-360 Networks

*Confined Space/Union Pacific fiber Optic Safety/Excavating/Calling in locates/OSP work/Power Works Programs (GN NET TEST)/Backhoe/Shorting and Ditch Safety/DOT Certified/CPR Certified.

Proper punctuation might also help, as witness item 10 from above:

10Check for consistency

should be

10. Check for consistency

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