A Jackie Chan curse?

In China, movie star Jackie Chan seems to be everywhere - billboards, commercials, even on anti-virus software. Chan seems to endorse just about anything. But the Los Angeles Times reports his track record leaves a lot to be desired.

For example: He plugged a Chinese mechanic school that was later embroiled in a diploma scandal. An air conditioner he talked up had reports of a unit blowing up. A maker of video compact discs he sponsors went bankrupt. An educational computer he helped peddle flopped. And the latest in the so-called Jackie jinx? A shampoo he pitched to stop hair loss reportedly had cancer-causing ingredients.

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One Chinese newspaper said Chan is "a man who can destroy anything." With his track record, that may be true in movies and products he sponsors.

But although he has suffered some setbacks in terms of pitching successful products, analysts say that his difficulties are due to his inability to say "no." Because Chan sponsors so many brands, he's more likely to encounter some clunkers.

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