Informal Poll: When being a cheapskate backfires

This week on Marketplace Money, we're after your stories about being a cheapskate.

Oh no, it's not what you think - we're not looking for the typical "I'm so good, I saved money by doing ______."

We want to know about a situation where you did something to save money... and it COST you. A cheapskate disaster, if you will. For example, how about that time you bought a $5 table at a garage sale only to spend hundreds refinishing it and almost ruining a relationship to boot.

So post your stories below. We'll share our faves on the show next week...

And the best story (as judged by our esteemed production team) gets Karl Cassell on their answering machine!

Wait -- we can't do that -- how 'bout a limited edition Marketplace Money piggybank? Seriously, we can do that.

About the author

Matt Berger is the former Digital Director at Marketplace.


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