Chevrolet: Stop calling it a 'Chevy'

General Motors is concerned about Chevrolet's branding consistency. The company sent a memo to Chevrolet employees advising them to discontinue referring to the brand as "Chevy", though the nickname is hardwired into the American consciousness after over several of use in popular song culture.



Branding expert Paul Worthington said G.M.'s decision was counter-intuitive to a larger trend of casual names in corporate branding, according to The New York Times. "FedEx had replaced Federal Express, KFC had supplanted Kentucky Fried Chicken and "even RadioShack has evolved into 'The Shack'."

It's not clear whether employees or consumers will effectively be able to remove "Chevy" from their lexicon, especially as the name may garner some taboo for its forbidden use. But chevrolet.com has yet to remove several references to Chevy on its page.

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chevy is just a part of the american language. there is no taking it back. My 4 year old nephew says chevy. thats like taking the letter "a" out of the american language.

But then again, us americans do obliterate the english dictionary.

Apparently, like many US companies, GM is run by a pack of idiots. Amazing, simply amazing.

Come on everyone, look at how much free publicity and water-cooler talk they're getting. And how much love they're coaxing out of people, all the nostalgic grabbing going on. This is the first step in creating a cult following. Establish an enemy and create common cause. Everyone who wouldn't normally care less about a Chevrolet vehicle, much less drive one, is now united under a common banner and the topic is on everyone's lips.

I'd say there is a lot of common sense going on at GM.
Or maybe I just give them too much credit and it was a bone-headed mistake that accidentally stumbled onto the right path.

someone once told me there was a finite amount of common sense in this world. looks like the marketing folks at GM weren't in line the day it was handed out.

GM continues to amaze me with bad decision-making. "Chevy" is a engrained in the language. Nobody wants a '57 Chevrolet, noone was in the "backseat of my Chevrolet".

I guess the inability to recognize what the strengths of their company, legacies, trademarks, and traditions are is nothing new to the accountants, marketers, and decision-makers at GM. Eliminating the Pontiac brand (that they finally figured out and got on track, and the one flocked to by new and younger car buyers), while keeping two truck brands (selling the same truck), is a prime example.

Dumb Directive.
People call your product Chevy
Use it! I'd like to apply for the Director of Marketing --it seems they have none.

People know your product by Chevy.
Majority of people are comfortable with Chevy, so upper Management wants to make them uncomfortable?????. The term Chevy has evolved over many years and has a good connotation among customers/dealers.
Chevy can be considered industry jargon.

I can't waste any more words on such a dumb directive

I agree with DGL. People call your product Chevy Use it Even more often! Chevy money is just as good as Chevrolet money.

I wish GM would concentrate more on getting out of debt and paying back the American public our money than wasting time, energy AND money telling their employees not to refer to their one division as "Chevy"!

There is not a particle of common sense in this so-called directive, and on a marketing level it lacks any sense at all. Any bets on how soon GM is going to try to quietly dismiss this directive as something that never happened?

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