Are you down with the scooped-out bagel?

The New York bagel isn't dying, but it might be wounded, so says the New York Post about the consumer trend of ordering your bagel scooped out. That would be ordering the soft, doughy inside of your bagel removed as a way to cut back on carbs.

From the New York Post:

It's the disfigured version of the Jewish delicacy that is quickly becoming the norm among New Yorkers -- and driving bagel purists and purveyors bonkers.

"They're all making me nuts with the scooping!" fumed Joel Baruch, owner of Gotta Get a Bagel in Woodmere, LI. "Ninety percent of my customers order it like that and it drives me absolutely crazy. But you have to give them what they want."

Disfigured -- that's the word bagel purists are using. Not only that, a nutritionist says scooping out a bagel saves 75 calories max -- mainly it's a way to fit in more cream cheese.

And speaking of morning foods, if you take sugar with your coffee -- the price for fine, white crystals hit a 22-year high. Why? Read Eve Troeh's report here.

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