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My first job: Soda Jerk

Jul 1, 2015
Barry Friedman recalls the rich rewards of earning 90 cents an hour.
Posted In: first jobs, soda jerk, ice cream, soda
 Gary Devereaux, the executive chef of London Zoo's caterers, serves a carrot and cabbage canape to a giraffe at a London zoo.

My First Job: Animal Chef

Jun 23, 2015
Peanut butter pine cones or dead mice, anyone?
Posted In: zoo, chef, first jobs, animals

My First Job: Rosie the Riveter

Jun 9, 2015
Marian Sousa's first job was in a WWII shipyard.
Posted In: WWII, Jobs, engineering, rosie, first jobs

My First Job: Printing professional

May 25, 2015
When Shahrouz Varshabi couldn't find work in Iran, he started a business.
Working for a dating service taught Melissa O'Neil a lot about love.

My First Job: Video dating service

May 20, 2015
Before dating sites took to the internet, video dating was king.
Posted In: dating, first job, video
Natasha Best stands in front of the Wienermobile, an Oscar Mayer promotional vehicle, alongside Bucky Badger—the University of Wisconsin-Madison's official mascot.

My First Job: Wienermobile Driver

May 13, 2015
"I would even have people come up to me and ask me for my autograph."
Posted In: drivers, first job, hot dogs, Oscar Mayer

My First Job: Pet grave digger

May 1, 2015
A first job that's a bit macabre.
Posted In: pets, cemeteries, counselor

My First Job: Junior Journalist

Apr 29, 2015
Richard Stolley got his first job as a journalist at the age of 15.
Posted In: People Magazine, journalism, editor, first job

Sizzling summer nights: Working in a bacon factory

Apr 27, 2015
One woman remembers her first job.
Posted In: bacon, first job, factory, factory jobs
A call center in the U.K.

Lessons from 'My First Job'

Apr 17, 2015
Merritt Watts hated her first job as a telemarketer. But it taught her something.
Posted In: first job, My First Job, telemarketers

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