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"I wanted to work on a horse farm."

"The summer going into high school -- I was 13 -- I decided I wanted to work on a horse farm. ... I remember first avoiding the young woman who operated the show barn. ... There was nothing attractive about her. Her hair seemed greasy. She had pimples. I thought she was just ugly. My reaction was almost recoiling from her, avoiding her.  ... But I soon learned that Ella knew everything about horses, and she was willing to share that knowledge. I recognized that I enjoyed listening to her, asking questions, and eventually I sought out her company."

- Penny Young Carrasquillo, 1973

Nov 7, 2013

A collection of First Jobs

Nov 7, 2013

My first job: A restaurant dishwasher

Nov 5, 2013
Author Jess Walter takes us back to his first real job in the working world. Checkered tablecloths and all.
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My first job: A drive-thru restaurant love

Sep 2, 2013
A Marketplace listener talks about her first job at a local restaurant and drive-thru.
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My first job: The local grocer

Aug 27, 2013
A listener recalls why she was let go from her first job at the neighborhood grocery store.
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My first job: Hauling hay

Aug 22, 2013
Rancher Ken Lenox looks back at his first paid job on the farm.
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My first job: A four-hour work day

Aug 21, 2013
A Marketplace listener tells us about the first -- and last -- day of work at her first paid job.
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My first job: Census worker in New York

Aug 20, 2013
Writer and filmmaker dream hampton on the job that honed her interviewing skills.
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My first job: At the amusement park

Aug 19, 2013
Now a truck driver, Don Holzschuh talks about his first job in Minnesota.
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My first job: Working at the local mall

Aug 16, 2013
Michael Price, writer and co-executive producer of "The Simpsons," talks about his first job.
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