Thanks for the memories

I wanted to let you know that the Scratch Pad archive will remain online indefinitely. It's a pretty interesting chronicle of one of the most tumultuous economic years in history. I've been looking back through it and getting nostalgic about all the things we did together.

We worried about debt.

And about journalism.

We pulled back the curtain on Marketplace.

We wrote poetry together.

And Haiku.

We had imaginary conversations.

We watched TV .

We lamented AIG

We commented on our crazy times.

We laughed at strange, but true stories.

Who can forget about the demon sheep?

We discovered new writers and artists together:

We had some great debates.

Especially about the housing market.

Mainly about one homebuyer in particular.

And about health care.

I could go on. There are about 1,500 posts. Each of the above sentences is a link to one of those posts. Maybe you'll enjoy looking back as well.

Thank you for all the kind words in the comment section of my previous post. I will miss you too. I hope we can stay in touch.

And once again, thank you!

All the best,


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I googled you and I saw an wedding announcement!<p>
If that is you, I offer a hearty congratulations and best wishes for a fruitful and prosperous household to you and the future Mrs Jagow.

I'll miss your blog and your humor. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts for the day and learning something new. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

Thanks for your felicitous tone and conversational manner. Good times!

Thank you for a great blog. I used to start my morning with your morning reading blog. Good luck with your future!

Ok, Marketplace. It's 11:37 here in Chicago. April Fool's, you got us, hahaha.

Seriously, can we have Scott back now?

Matt, we look forward to you and your writing, but...

Scott, just hate to see you go! I've enjoyed reading your thoughtful, funny, and always thought-provoking posts almost every morning for longer than I care to remember.

You will be missed!


Hey man, I still miss your voice in the morning. And now we'll miss your blog too? Bad times...


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