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Alright, enough with the depressing stories about the unemployment rate, runaway Toyotas, the banks and the record budget deficit. Let's hear some good news for a change.

A city worker in California -- the mother of four -- has volunteered to give up her job so that someone else can keep theirs:

In an economic downturn that has millions of people looking for work, a Lathrop city employee has willingly given up her job.

She's Patricia Overy, and she's worked in the city's finance department for seven years.

It was announced at Monday's city council meeting that she was leaving her position so another finance worker in her 60s could keep her job.

Meanwhile, the CEO of HSBC bank has decided to give his entire bonus to charity:

In a statement, Geoghegan said he accepted the award, consisting entirely of deferred stock to be paid over three years, in order to make up for a shortfall in his charitable donations the year before when he waived his right to any bonus.

"Provided that the stock is released, I can confirm that between now and 2013 I will give up to GBP4 million to charities around the world, including important causes in Hong Kong and in the U.K...

Instead of angst over Toyotas that won't stop, you could read, studies show electric vehicle range not a problem:

Studies of drivers who already have electric cars are finding that they prefer the convenience of charging at home, and despite their vehicles' limited range, most are able to avoid public charging.

That's good news as tightfisted states and cities prepare to deal with the transition by some drivers to battery-powered vehicles. And it's also good news for automakers who were worried that acceptance of the vehicles would depend on creating a network of charging stations, much as there are now gas stations dotting every neighborhood.

See, good news. It even says so.

And if you're worried about the avalanche of debt -- I mean, snow -- this winter in Washington, well, the Cherry Blossom trees don't mind:

"Cherries need a certain amount of cold in order to bloom," he said.

So the Cherry Blossom trees will greet visitors with particular beauty this Spring.

Okay, I've gotten things started. If you know of encouraging stories out there, by all means, share them here.

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My basketball team beat our rival last night. Bad. It was great.

See the Bears get all Keynesian in free agency? Can't wait till the fall!

Is the first bit really "good" news? I'm not trying to be picky, but I think that the news would be better if neither of them had to lose a job, or better yet, they'd hired another worker.

I do like the news on electric cars. I suspected this would be the case. I think at first a lot of people will buy second car that's for around town and keep a gas model for longer trips. That's what I've been planning, if I can afford it. I'm hoping I can get an electric before my current car has too many miles on it. I'm trying to pay it off quickly so I can get a plug-in electric car of some sort.

"I think at first a lot of people will buy second car that’s for around town and keep a gas model for longer trips."

This is basically what we do. I drive a 1999 Honda Civic on my 4-mile commute to work. It gets 30+ in town and ~40 on the highway. We have a larger car for road trips.

Thank you Scott! It's really nice to hear some positive news for a change. Too bad it isn't done on a regular basis - especially in nightly news.

No responses yet? OK I'll be the first to start the good news rolling. My dog used to be afraid of everyone especially men. Now she's a daddy's girl.

We adopted her from a rescue. She had a bad start in life and had lots of issues. She had been neglected and abused, and trusted nobody. She was only 45 pounds when we adopted her, and now a normal 80 pounds of big shaggy dog, a Sheepdog and Great Pyrenees mix. We were the third family to try and adopt her and we succeeded working through her issues, and she has a home with us for life. Probably saved her from being euthanized. You should see her and I on our daily trip around the neighborhood. I bought a Razor Pro scooter, (the Pro is rated to hold my 200 pounds. It's the kick one, not the electric.) and she trots along beside me. We turn a lot of heads and bring out a lot of smiles.

She rewards me for the effort we put into her every day when I come home by meeting me at the door, with such a happy endearing look on her face and wagging tail to let me know how happy she is to see me. Makes me forget about all the bad stuff and relaxes me, probably lowers my blood pressure and helps me live longer.

So you see Scott and my fellow postees, I'm not all angry blog posts, there is a happy side to me.

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