May I have your attention, PLEASE

My attention span keeps getting shor. I'm not exactly sure why that. Maybe it's because I can watch anhourofTVin40minutes. Or 'cause people are comm. with me in 140 char. or les.
Advertisers are hatching plans to. A cup of coffee sounds good.

A study out this week suggests advertisers should get emotional to keep people from Tivo-ing the commercials. From the New York Times TV Decoder:

Commercials that make an emotional connection with viewers are more likely to be viewed in their entirety, according to the study... (it) suggests that commercials try from the very first seconds to connect emotionally with viewers.

I thought the whole idea of advertising was to connect emotionally with viewers.

Whatever. I'm bored.

An email security company called Goodmail launched a new tool today to help marketers send videos and TV ads via email, according to the Wall Street Journal. This is only for web-based email, not Outlook, thank god. Still... they're going to hunt people down (if you opt to receive):

"Video is a great way to increase interaction with brands and marketing messages," says Marc Fleishhacker, managing director at WPP's Ogilvy Consulting. Adding video to email marketing boosts customers' interaction -- such as opening the email or clicking on any of the content -- by as much as 200% to 300%, he says.

The fashion and culture newsletter DailyCandy will start sending videos via Goodmail next week. An example is below, but I should warn you that there's a :15 ad first, then another :25 of prefacing before you get to the video. That's :40 of your life that could be distracted elsewhere.

I've moved on to music now. Keep up. Canadian singer-songwriter Joel Plaskett is releasing a triple album. Is he insane?

'I felt with this record, if I just make it ridiculous, then maybe people will pay attention to it. Because how hard is it to get attention? It's difficult. People's attention spans [are] so limited, so why not demand their attention?"

That's nice, Joel. Hey, look at the funny cartoon!

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Maybe short attention span got some thing to do with a conspiracy to dupe the credit card user.Got my March statement with a charge from way back to Oct 08.I question the charge and its cancled.I ask how does it take 6 months for charge to go thru the system.I got the feeling the short attention spam has got something to do with the financial global mess.The quirker we all forget about it the faster we correct it buy start spending again.

Brian, I really like your piece. Actually, I'm not complaining about attention spans, just observing the phenomenon. I embrace a lot of the change - as you say - the democratization of the press. I think people are right to question it, and they can resist it all they want, but it's happening nonetheless.

I think you can argue people are actually reading more and getting exposed to a wider range of ideas and opinions, on the web.

My attention span died a quick and undignified death last year when I starting having trouble keeping up with all advertainment and interactive sparklies on MySpace, My Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, and whatever other "social networking" (definition: online ways to annoy your friends and alienate colleagues) sites. Also, I noted that MySpace and Facebook are looking increasingly similar to low-rent sites like True.com, AdultFriendFinder, Flixter, et al. I can't get my web mail without seeing eye-catching frames full of movie ads, insurance company dancers, silly animations.

10 years ago, colleagues in new media were all atwitter about "interactive sites" and "online communities" (which were passe by 1997 if you were clued in to CompuServe or The Well), and I just shrugged. Major media sites all added "talk back" forms, and I asked, "who's listening, and who's answering?"

Today, same new gewgaws, same shrug. I still haven't figured out what Twitter is really GOOD for ... maybe someone with no attention span will clue me in, if they can spare the nanoseconds to actually talk to me.

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