Most House members' campaign cash from outsiders

Steven Henn reports on today's Marketplace show about the findings of a study by the research group Maplight.org, which keeps an eye on money and politics. Maplight found that U.S. House members raise 79% of campaign funds from outside their districts. Here's Steve's story and Maplight's special report.

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I thought this piece missed two important points. First, what does it actually mean for money to come from outside the district? And second, do people vote solely for the individual, or also (perhaps mainly) for the party?

Considering the importance to EVERY Congressional District of issues like whether Democrats will attain a filibuster proof majority this year, I fail to see why it isn't legitimate for individuals in other states to want to help candidates of their party elsewhere in the country. Should a large manufacturer that has a small headquarters in a district, but most of its employees elsewhere (or overseas), be deemed to be a "resident" of this district? And should candidates of a particular party be penalized because their donors are smaller and thus have had to find a more democratic means to give (e.g., internet solicitations) than large PACs, corporations, or even the political parties themselves?

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