Dow closes up nearly 900 points

Consumer confidence hits an all-time low and today's Dow reacts by ... hitting the second-highest point gain ever. Analysts contacted by the Associated Press couldn't agree on one particular factor for the jump.

"There is nothing fundamental that came out today or yesterday that would take it up or down. We're all groping for something meaningful to talk about," said Bob Andres, chief investment strategist at Portfolio Management Consultants.

Here's an explanation of what's behind the volatility we've been seeing in the markets, from Marketplace's Ashley Milne-Tyte.

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About the recent stock market swings--an explanation from ecology:

Equilibria under stress exhibit widely fluctuating perturbations.

Here we go... now remember, when it reaches the top - raise your hands and keep them up as we head down! It feels a bit funny on the tummy but it makes for a fun ride!

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